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What is the New Internet?

The New Internet overcomes the distinction between "clients" and "servers" and empowers all users to build a true, open, resilient and powerful people's network.

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Philosophy of the New Internet

  • Everyone can run a server. Instead of clients and servers, in the New Internet there are only nodes. A node is always a server (can be contacted by clients) and also acts as a client.
  • Everyone's connected. Every node maintains a handful of permanent connections to other nodes (which may change over time). How many connections a node holds and how it selects its partners is a matter of individual choice.
  • The network pulsates. Connections are regularly checked for liveliness by sending tiny impulses back and forth.
  • Infinite applications. Through the network, nodes can offer any type of service imaginable. For example: file storage, file sharing, message forwarding, databases and computation services.
  • Zero maintenance. Nodes are extremely easy to run, configure and supervise - even for non-tech-savvies.

How to get started

Try the prototype. Take a look at the Participation page. Or the list of Standard Protocols.


Creator of the New Internet and maintainer of these pages: Stefan Reich

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